Cambridge University Library

The Digital Library: a space to think in the 21st century

Increasingly [libraries are] the means of electronic access to the knowledge of the world.

Dr Gordon E. Moore, Founder of Intel

Cambridge University Library is in the vanguard of shaping advancements in information technology as it applies to scholarship.

Today, libraries are facing great challenges from new digital technologies. These have radical implications for every aspect of library service, and open up unprecedented opportunities for advancing scholarship and for its essential precursor: raising educational aspiration.

With its remarkable information resources and infrastructure, and flourishing digital expertise and new partnerships, Cambridge University Library is well on its way to effecting a sea-change in the way libraries work and the way in which we learn. It is playing a leading role, internationally, in the application of these technologies to the very materials of learning.

Funding opportunities

The following are just a few examples of the opportunities for transformative support in this critical area of development, in which Cambridge’s contribution will impact on scholarship worldwide. 

If you are interested in finding out more about to support Cambridge University Library in its visionary commitment to remain a leading combined print and digital library for the 21st century, please contact us.