Cambridge University Library

Library toolbars

An advanced web browser toolbar for Firefox and Internet Explorer 7 is available, based upon the LibX platform. It features:

  • Multiple field searching of Newton from a toolbar - query any Newton catalogue using a multiple field search without having to go to the web interface Newton toolbar search menu
  • Keyword searching for LibrarySearch
  • Adaptive context menus - Select and ISSN, ISBN, Title or name and right click. The toolbar will present you with various search options depending on the text selected. For instance, if an ISBN is selected, the context menu will offer the option to search directly using that specific identifier. Newton toolbar context sensitive menu
  • Embedded cues in many popular web pages. When visiting Amazon, Wikkipedia or Yahoo, look for this icon cambridge university badge icon by any cited work, book title or article. Clicking on it will pass a search through to Newton Newton toolbar extra linking features
  • Autolinking - the toolbar automatically links ISBNs, ISSNs, DOIs, and other identifiers and creates links to Newton and ejournals@cambridge
  • Pass any search or highlighted term to Google Scholar by selecting the text and dragging it onto the toolbar
  • Many other options and customisation. For more information, visit the LibX homepage

To install: