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The Library provides IT facilities to enable readers to consult our electronic resources, catalogues, and image collections, to make use of word-processing and spreadsheet software, and for general internet and email access.

You may reset your password or add printer credit from here:

PCs are available in the following locations:

  • West Room (12 PCs)
  • North Reading Room (4 PCs)
  • Royal Enclosure near Map Room (2 PCs)
  • Rare Books (2 PCs)
  • Manuscripts (1 PC)
  • Aoi Reading Room (4 PCs)
  • Anderson Room (1 PC)
  • North Wing (6 PCs)
  • West Four (3 PCs)

Printing is available from all PCs. Printers (and print release stations) are located in the West Room, outside Rare Books, in the Reading Room corridor South and the landing at the end of the South Wing corridor.

Further information may be found here: