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What is it?

This worksheet encourages students to think about how the Library’s Curious Objects exhibition reflects the breadth of learning opportunities at university. 

It also prompts students to begin building a record of their own extra-curricular exploration in preparation for writing their personal statements.

How could you use it in the exhibition or classroom?

The Curious Objects exhibition showcases some of the most unusual items that have found their way into the Library’s collections. This is an opportunity to encourage students to think about the wide range of subjects which they could study at university by searching for objects that link to Cambridge University courses. 

Group leaders could introduce some of the more unusual subjects available at Cambridge and highlight the fact students and researchers benefit from 114 libraries and eight museums across the University.

The second part of the worksheet could be completed outside the exhibition. Using the concept of the ‘cabinets of curiosity’ which formed the basis of the first museums, it asks students to record their extra-curricular activities to fill their own cabinet of curiosity. 

The aim is to help students recognise the many types of independent learning which they should be exploring in order to choose a degree subject and make a competitive application to university.

Downloadable resource