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What is it?

This resource pack adapts the traditional Russian story of Baba Yaga to encourage children to think creatively about unusual objects in any exhibition.

How could you use it in the exhibition or classroom?

These resources could be used on a self-guided visit to the current Curious Objects exhibition, or used in other museums – they do not rely on specific items being on display.

In the classroom before your exhibition visit, use the adapted retelling of the Baba Yaga story to introduce pupils to Vasilisa’s journey and the talismans she uses to escape from the witch.

On your visit to the exhibition, pupils can use the activity sheet to explore the exhibition, searching for potential magical objects which could transform to help them on an imagined quest. 

Encourage pupils to look closely, read object labels and think imaginatively about how an object could be used in an unusual way, or be magically transformed, to help or hinder them. 

Back in the classroom their choices could be used as the basis for extended creative writing or oral storytelling.

There is a blank A3 game board which allows children to draw their useful and dangerous objects and play a simple game. This could also be used at home with ordinary household objects.

Downloadable resources