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What are they?

These three intriguing paper dolls came with miniature storybooks. 

They were made between 1810 and 1817 and were designed to teach children about the dangers of disobedience or wandering away from home.


How could you use them in the classroom?

In the classroom, the paper dolls could be used as primary sources to develop pupils’ historical enquiry skills. The introductory powerpoint guides pupils to ask perceptive questions and use evidence to understand how children played in the past.

The activity pack suggests three English activities which involve developing vocabulary, distinguishing parts of a sentence, sequencing a narrative, creative writing and collaborative writing and editing. The pack contains a summary of the narratives and vocabulary flashcards.

The three pages of paper dolls can be printed on A3 paper or card and cut out for children to use for creative play, storytelling and imaginative writing.

You may also find these dolls useful for lessons on toys from the past, or the study of life in Victorian times.

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