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Brief introduction to classification scheme

Click here for a brief introduction to the main ('three-figure') classification scheme.

General outline of classification scheme

Click here for the general outline of the 'three-figure' scheme as given in the Readers' Handbook, 12: Subject-classification scheme for books.

Three-figure scheme

Click on one of the options below to go straight to a particular part of the scheme.

Theology and Religion (1-173) Philosophy (180-194) Psychology (196-199)
Social Sciences (200-245) Law (250-299) Science (300-397)
Fine Arts (400-410) Entertainment sport (412-418) Technology (420-437)
Agriculture (438-448) Historical Auxiliary Sciences (450-498) History and Geography (500-698)
Western Literature (700-759) Linguistics (760-799) Non-European Languages (810-849)
General (900-999)    


Music Arabic, Persian & Turkish (E3-figs)