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Voice and piano

Angels of the mind


Worry about money -- Lenten flowers -- Harvest -- Seed -- In the beck -- Storm -- Nocturne
Publisher: Novello Duration: 17 mins
Range: 1.B,-Aflat' 2.D-F' 3.E-A' 4.D-Aflat' 5.D-G' 6.C#-Aflat' 7.D-G' Text: Kathleen Raine

At the window


Publisher: Manuscript Duration: 45 secs
Range: D-A' Text: Alfred Lord Tennyson



Publisher: Novello Duration: 1 min
Range: Medium voice: E-G#' Text: Hilaire Belloc

The Ballads of the Four Seasons


Publisher: Novello Duration: 7:26 mins
Range: 1.C-F' 2.C#-C#' 3.Bflat,-A' 4.D-A' Text: Li-Po: trans. Shigeyoshi Obata

A Child's prayer


Publisher: Curwen/Schirmer Duration: unknown
Range: F-F' Text: Siegfried Sassoon

The fallow deer at the lonely house


Publisher: Curwen/Schirmer Duration: 2:30 mins
Range: E-G#' Text: Thomas Hardy

The Hammers


Publisher: Manuscript Duration: 2 mins
Range: C,-G' Text: Ralph Hodgson

Rich or Poor


Publisher: Curwen/Schirmer Duration: 2:15 mins
Range: E-F' Text: W.H.Davies

Sailing or Flying


Publisher: Manuscipt Duration: 1:30 mins
Range: D-E' Text: Winifred Williams

Seven American Poems


1. Gone, gone again is summer (E. St. Vincent Millay) -- 2. Siege (E. St. Vincent Millay) -- 3. Feast (E. St. Vincent Millay) -- 4. Little elegy (E. Wylie) -- 5. Rain comes down (E. St. Vincent Millay) -- 6. Fair Annet's song (E. Wylie) -- 7. Being young and green (E. St. Vincent Millay)
Publisher: Boosey and Hawkes Duration: 9:35 mins
Range: 1.Bflat-Eflat' 2.C-G' 3.A,-D' 4.C-F' 5.B#,-F#' 6.B,-Eflat' 7.B,-E' Text: Edna St. Vincent Millay (1,2,3,5,7); Elinor Wylie (4,6)



Publisher: OUP Duration: 2:45 mins
Range: Eflat-F' Text: James Joyce

Three Jolly Gentlemen


Publisher: Composers Music Corp. Duration: 50 secs
Range: Eflat-G' Text: Walter de la Mare

Three Romantic Songs


1. The hare -- 2. Love locks -- 3. The buckle.
Publisher: Curwen/Schirmer Duration: 4:30 mins
Range: 1.D-G' 2.D-F' 3.B,-F' Text: Walter de la Mare

Three songs

1923 (rev. 1972)

1. Thunderstorms -- 2. This night -- 3. Leisure
Publisher: Novello Duration: 6:45 mins
Range: 1.D-F#' 2.C-G' 3.G-G' Text: W.H. Davies

Tis time I think by Wenlock Town


Publisher: Manuscript Duration: 1:58 mins
Range: Eflat-G' Text: A.E. Housman

The Tramps


Publisher: Boosey and Hawkes Duration: 1:30 min
Range: Eflat-G' Text: Robert Service (from Songs of a Sourdough)



Publisher: Manuscript Duration: 1:05 mins
Range: G-E' (piano or gtr acc.) Text: Winifred Williams

Two American Poems


1. Humoresque. - 2. The return from town
Publisher: Boosey and Hawkes Duration: 2:55 mins
Range: 1.E-G#' 2.E-F#' Text: Edna St. Vincent Millay

When I was one and twenty


Publisher: G. Ricordi, New York Duration: unknown
Range: published high and low editions: 1.F-G' 2.D-E' Text: A.E. Housman

Voice and Ensemble

The Buckle (no. 3 of Three Romantic Songs)


Publisher: Manuscript Duration: unknown
Range: B,-F' Text: Walter de la Mare
Instrumentation: Mezzo Soprano, string 4tet
Elegaic Sonnet 1954
Publisher: Novello Duration: 8 mins
Range: F#-A' Text: Cecil Day Lewis
Instrumentation: Tenor, piano, string 4tet
A Knot of Riddles 1963
Publisher: Novello Duration: 17 mins
Range: Aflat,-G Text: trans: Kevin Crossley-Holland from the Old English of 'The Exeter Book'
Instrumentation: Baritone, 1d1 1 1 1, 0 0 0 0, hp, string 4tet, db (if desired)
Madam Noy 1918
Publisher: J. W. Chester Duration: 3:30 mins
Range: B,-G' Text: E.H.W Meyerstein
Instrumentation: Soprano, 1 0 1 1, 0 0 0 0, harp, vla, db
Rhapsody 1919
Publisher: Novello Duration: 6:44-7 mins
Range: Soprano: C-A#'; Tenor: G-A# Text: Vocalise on 'ah'
Instrumentation: Soprano, tenor, fl, Cor Ang, perc (glock, sd), hp, string 4tet
Rout (original version) 1920
Publisher: Manuscript lost Duration: unknown
Range: C#-A' Text: Arthur Bliss: 'A Medley of made up words'
Instrumentation: Soprano, fl, cl, perc (glock, sd), hp, string 4tet, db
For orchestral version click here
Two Nursery Rhymes 1920
The ragwort : for soprano, clarinet, and piano -- The dandelion : for soprano and clarinet
Publisher: J&W. Chester Duration: 2:17 mins
Range: 1.F#-F#' 2.E-G' Text: Frances Cornford
Instrumentation: Soprano, clarinet (or viola), piano
The Women of Yueh 1923
Five songs to the words of Li Po
Publisher: J.&W. Chester Duration: 7:25 mins
Range: 1.F-F#' 2.G-F#' 3.D-F#' 4.D-F' 5.D-G' Text: Li-Po, translated by Shigeyoshi Obata
Instrumentation: Voice, 1 1 1 1, 0 0 0 0 , perc (sd, tri, glock), string 4tet, db

Voice and orchestra

The Enchantress 1951
Publisher: Novello Duration: 15:30-17 mins
Range: G,-G' Text: adapted by Sir Henry Wood from the Second Idyll of Theocritus
Instrumentation: Contralto, 2d1 1+1 0 0, 4 2 3 0, timp, cym, hp, strings
Four Songs 1927
1. A Christmas carol / Arthur Cripps -- 2. Sea love / Charlotte Mew -- 3. Vocalise -- 4. The mad woman of Punnet's Town / L.A.G. Strong.
Publisher: Novello Duration: 1:10 ; 1:15 ; 2:00 ; 1:00 mins
Range: 1. E-F' 2. C-F' 3. F#'-Bflat 4. F-A' Text: Arthur Cripps, Charlotte Mew, L.A.G. Strong
Instrumentation: Voice, vln, piano
Rout (orchestral version) 1920
Publisher: Curwen/Faber Duration: 7 mins
Range: C#-A'
Instrumentation: 2d1 1 2 2, 4 2 0 0, timp, perc (sd, glock, sl. bells), hp, strings
For original version click here
The Tempest 1921
Publisher: Novello Duration: 5-6 mins
Range: Tenor: G-A'; Bass: C,-Eflat Text: unspecified text
Instrumentation: Tenor, Bass, tpt, trb, 4 timp (4 players), 3 or 4 perc (sd, td, db, cym, gong, clapper), piano
Two Love Songs (from Serenade) 1929
1. Fair is my love : Sonnet: LXXXI Amoretti / Edmund Spenser -- 2. In praise of his Daphnis : "Tune on my pipe the praise of my love" / Sir John Wotton
Publisher: OUP Duration: no.2: 4:30 mins; no.4: 5 mins
Range: no.2: C,-F'; no.4: C,-F#' Text: no.2: Edmund Spenser; no.4: Sir J.Wooton
Instrumentation: Baritone, 2d1 1 2 2, 2 2 1 0, timp, perc(cast, tamb, glock), hp, strings
Two songs from the film The Beggar's Opera : for men's voices (nos. 17 and 18) 1952
1. Let us take the road / words varied by Christopher Fry ; melody from the march in Rinaldo by Handel -- 2. Fill ev'ry glass : (to the melody of "Quelle est cette odeur agréable")
Publisher: Novello (vocal score) Duration: 2:25 mins
Instrumentation: male voices, 2+1 2 2 2, 2 2 3 1, timp, perc (sd, xyl, cym), strings [doubling unchecked]: (or male voices, piano)
Two songs from the film The Beggar's Opera : for women's voices (nos. 20 and 34) 1952
1. Youth's the season made for love -- 2. The modes of the court so common are grown : (Lillibullero)
Publisher: Novello (vocal score) Duration: 2:25 mins
Instrumentation: 20) female voices, 1 0 0 0, 0 0 0 0, hp, strings (or female voices, piano) 34) female voices, 2+1 2 2 2, 0 0 0 0, timp, 2 perc (td, tamb, glock), strings [doubling unchecked]: (or female voices, piano)
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