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The following bibliography lists every Delius-related piece of work known to have been produced by Deryck Cooke – including programme-notes, reviews, magazine and journal articles, published correspondence, and radio- and lecture-scripts. Also listed are all the published responses to these items that have been located. Additions and corrections to this work-in-progress will be welcomed. 


‘Delius: The Walk to the Paradise Garden’ (programme note), London Philharmonic Orchestra, c. Royalton Kisch, Royal Festival Hall, 10 March 1955

‘Delius: On Hearing the First Cuckoo in Spring’ (programme note), Haydn Orchestra, c. Harry Newstone, Wigmore Hall, 14 March 1955

‘Delius: Violin Sonata No. 2, Cello Sonata, Caprice and Elegy, Serenade from Hassan’ (record sleeve notes), Argo RG47, w. Max Rostal (vln), Colin Horsley (pf), Anthony Pini (Vc), Wilfrid Parry (pf), no date (but LP reviewed in Gramophone of June 1955)

‘Delius: The Walk to the Paradise Garden’ (programme note), BBC Concert Orchestra, c. Charles Mackerras, The Assembly Hall, Tunbridge Wells, 17 October 1955

‘Delius: The Walk to the Paradise Garden’ (programme note), London Symphony Orchestra, c. Royalton Kisch, Royal Festival Hall, 29 March 1957

‘Delius: Songs and Unaccompanied Part-Songs’ (record sleeve notes); songs: Love's PhilosophyThe NightingaleIn the Seraglio GardenThe VioletAutumnTwilight FanciesLet Springtime ComeSweet VenevilCradle Song; part songs: On Craig DhuMidsummer SongWanderer's SongTo Be Sung of a Summer Night on the Water 1 & 2), Argo RG46, w. Joan Stuart (sop), Gordon Watson (pf), Alexander Young (ten), members of the Renaissance Singers, c. Michael Howard, no date (but LP reviewed in Gramophone of April 1957)

‘Elgar, Delius and Holst’ (broadcast talk with musical illustrations): “[D.C.] discusses . . . the music of three composers all of whom died 25 years ago”, BBC General Overseas Service, 29 June (also 2 July) 1959

On Frederick Delius by Sir Thomas Beecham (broadcast book review), Monthly Music Review, BBC [?General Overseas Service, ?November 1959]

‘Counsel for Delius’ (review of Frederick Delius by Sir Thomas Beecham), New Statesman, Vol. LVIII, no. 1496, 14 November 1959, p.682


‘Delius: An Evaluation’ (broadcast talk with musical illustrations): “Deryck Cooke offers an assessment of [Delius’s] achievement and considers it in relation to present-day musical fashions” (Radio Times), BBC Third Programme, 20 January 1962
– discussed by Lockspeiser, ‘Music’, Listener, January 25, 1962, p. 194

‘The World of Music – No. 4: Delius Centenary’ (broadcast talk with musical illustrations), BBC [?General Overseas Service], 21 January 1962

‘Delius: A Centenary Evaluation’ (“From a talk in the Third Programme”: see ‘Delius: An Evaluation’, above), Listener, 25 January 1962, pp. 195–6; reprinted in David Matthews (Ed.): Vindications: Essays on Romantic Music (Faber & Faber Ltd, London; 1982), pp.116–122

‘Delius, Debussy, and Pure Creation’, Listener, 1 February 1962, p. 233
– letter from Myers, Listener, 15 February 1962, p. 302
– response from Cooke, ‘Reassessments of Delius’, Listener, 22 February 1962, pp. 345–6

‘Reassessments of Delius’ (letter to the Editor, in response to Edward Lockspeiser, ‘Music’, Listener, 8 February 1962, p. 268; refers also to Lockspeiser’s ‘Music’ of 25 January), Listener, 15 February 1962, p. 302

‘Deryck Cooke introduces Fennimore and Gerda, the last opera of Delius’ (printed intro. to b’cast of 27 March 1962), Radio Times, 22 March 1962, p. 26

‘Narration for Third Programme Broadcast of ‘Fennimore and Gerda’ (b’cast intro. in 4 parts), BBC Third Programme, 27 March 1962

‘Delius’s Operatic Masterpiece’ (on A Village Romeo and Juliet), Opera, April 1962, pp. 226–32

‘Delius’s A Village Romeo and Juliet’ (talk with musical illustrations, in advance of b’cast perf. of 10 April 1962), ‘Music Magazine’, BBC Home Service, 8 April 1962
– letter from Hyatt King, Opera, June 1962, p. 428

‘Broadcast Opera: Fennimore and Gerda’ (review of BBC Third Programme b’cast of 27 March), Opera, May 1962, p. 352–3

‘Delius and Debussy’ (letter to the Editor, in response to David Drew, ‘Delius and France’, New Statesman, 11 May 1962, p. 686), New Statesman, 25 May 1962, p. 760

‘The Delius Centenary: A Summing-up –1’, Musical Opinion, June 1962, pp. 527, 529, 531

‘Delius and Form: A Vindication – 1’, Musical Times, Vol. 103, No. 1432, June 1962, p. 392–3
– letters from A. Walker, Bullivant, and Eck, Musical Times, Vol. 103, No. 1433, July 1962, p. 482
– responses from R. Walker and Cooke, Musical Times, Vol. 103, No. 1435, September 1962, p. 613–4
– letter from A. Walker, Musical Times, Vol. 103, No. 1436, October 1962, p. 694
– letter from Bullivant, with Cooke’s response, Musical Times, Vol. 104, No. 1439, January 1963, p. 39

‘The Delius Centenary: A Summing-up – 2’ [part 1 of 2], Musical Opinion, July 1962, pp. 589, 591, 593

‘Delius and Form: A Vindication – 2’, Musical Times, Vol. 103, No. 1433, July 1962, pp. 460–5

‘Delius and Form: A Vindication’ (parts 1 and 2 together) reprinted in Christopher Redwood (Ed.): A Delius Companion (J. Calder, London; 1980), pp.249–262; also reprinted in David Matthews (Ed.): Vindications: Essays on Romantic Music (Faber & Faber, London; 1982), pp.123–142

‘Delius and Head-Scratching’, Opera, July 1962, pp. 497–8 (response to John Warrack, ‘Bradford Delius Festival: A Village Romeo and Juliet’, Opera, May 1962, pp. 342–5)
– Response from Warrack, Opera, July 1962, p. 498

‘The Delius Centenary: A Summing-up – 2’ [part 2 of 2], Musical Opinion, August 1962, pp. 653, 655, 657
– letter from Klein, Musical Opinion, September 1962, p. 717

‘Delius’s Anti-Tragedy’, Listener, 15 November 1962, pp. 832, 835

‘Centenary Talk on Frederick Delius for CBC Music Magazine’; no details (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation; [?1962])

‘Delius the Unknown’ (publication of paper read to the Royal Musical Association, London, on 18 December 1962), Proceedings of the Royal Musical Association, 89th Session (1962–3), pp. 17–29; reprinted in The Delius Society JournalNumber 137, Spring 2005, pp. 41–53

‘Behind the Times’ (incl. brief discussion of Delius), Listener, 4 April, 1963, pp. 610, 613

‘Delius’s Sea Drift’ (printed intro. to b’cast of 10 April 1963), Radio Times, 4 April 1963, p. 32

‘Congestion’ (discusses b’cast perf. of Sea Drift), Listener, 18 April 1963, pp. 691–2

‘Delius: ‘Intermezzo’ from Koanga’ (b’cast introduction), in ‘Music to Remember’, BBC Home Service, 17 March 1964

‘Delius: A Mass of Life’ (programme note), w. Elizabeth Vaughan (sop), Marjorie Thomas (contr), Kenneth Bowen (ten), John Shirley-Quirk (bar), Royal Choral Society, London Philharmonic Orchestra, c. Malcolm Sargent, Royal Albert Hall, 3 November 1964

‘Delius: Violin Concerto’ (broadcast talk with musical illustrations); in ‘Studies in Form’: “A series on some formal conventions and their use in particular works” (Radio Times), BBC Third Network ‘Study Session’, 30 March 1966

‘Delius – a great composer’ (on A Mass of Life), Listener, 1 September 1966, p. 328

‘Two Books from the Mid-1930s reviewed by Deryck Cooke’ (broadcast review, incl. discussion of E. Fenby: Delius as I Knew Him), ‘Music Magazine’, BBC Music Programme, 5 March 1967

‘Delius: Requiem’ (programme note), w. Heather Harper (sop), John Shirley-Quirk (bar), Royal Choral Society, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, c. Charles Groves; Royal Albert Hall, 2 September 1968


‘Delius: A Mass of Life’ (broadcast interval talk with musical illustrations), BBC Radio 3, 21 June 1970

'Delius in Limbo' (broadcast interval talk with musical illustrations): "Deryck Cooke discusses the present position of Delius in our musical life" (Radio Times), BBC Radio 3, 6 January 1971

‘Delius: Appalachia: Variations on an Old Slave Song, Brigg Fair: An English Rhapsody’ (record review), HMV ASD2635, w. Alun Jenkins (bar), Ambrosian Singers, Halle Orchestra, c. Sir John Barbirolli, Gramophone, February 1971, pp. 1309–1310

‘Delius: Sea Drift, Incidental music to Hassan (record review), CBS Classics 61224, w. Bruce Boyce, Leslie Fry (bars), Arthur Leavins (vln), Frederick Riddle (vla), BBC Chorus, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, c. Thomas Beecham, Gramophone, March 1971, p.1514

‘The Critics’ Choice­ – 1971: Deryck Cooke’ (incl. recommendation of HMV ASD2635, Appalachia and Brigg Fair, c. Barbirolli (see above), Gramophone, December 1971, p. 992

‘Delius: A Mass of Life’ (record review): HMV SLS958, w. Heather Harper (sop), Helen Watts (contr), Robert Tear (ten), Benjamin Luxon (bar), London Philharmonic Choir and Orchestra, c. Charles Groves, Gramophone, March 1972, pp.1560, 1567

‘Delius: Paris: The Song of a Great City, Eventyr: Once Upon a Time, Dance Rhapsody No. 1 (record review), HMV ASD2804, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, c. Charles Groves, Gramophone, August 1972, p. 333

‘Delius: A Village Romeo and Juliet’ (record review), HMV SLS966, w. Benjamin Luxon (bar), Noel Mangin (bass), Corin Manley (treble), Wendy Eathorne (sop), Robert Tear (ten), John Shirley-Quirk (bar), Elizabeth Harwood (sop), John Alldis Choir, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, c. Meredith Davies (Side 6: an illustrated talk on Delius by Eric Fenby), Gramophone, February 1973, pp. 1543–1544

‘Critics’ Choice – 1973’: Deryck Cooke’ (incl. recommendation of HMV SLS966, A Village Romeo and Juliet, c. Davies (see above), Gramophone, December 1973, p.1146

‘Book Reviews’: Delius: The Paris Years by Lionel Carley (Triad Press, Rickmansworth), Gramophone, June 1975

Notes for unidentified Delius lecture, June 1975 or later (also: tape of 10 recorded examples belonging to this lecture held as Reel M7)

As yet un-dateable:

Music dictionary or encyclopaedia article on Delius (unidentified; no details; 1966 or later)

See also:

Newsletter by Roland Gibson for the Delius Society, May 1962 [online:]

R. O. Wright, ‘Deryck Cooke: a Personal Tribute’, Delius Society Journal, No. 54, January 1977, pp. 12–16 [online:]