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New classmarks for Ukrainian literature*

The Library's classification system has traditionally filed Ukrainian literature with Russian literature (in 756 and 757), with no distinction made between the two. From the 1st of May 2011, however, Ukrainian literature has finally got its own classmarks. These are:

  • 758:61 - series
  • 758:63 - texts
  • 758:65 - history and criticism

Please be aware that we are not going to undertake retrospective reclassification. This means that all books of or about Ukrainian literature catalogued and placed on the open shelves before the 1st of May will remain in the Russian classes.

*NB: 'Ukrainian literature' in this case means literature written in the Ukrainian language. The literature classmarks take consideration of language over country. Literature written by Ukrainian writers in Russian will therefore continue to be classified into the Russian literature classmarks.