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Dr Nadia Vidro is an Affiliated Researcher with the GRU having been a Research Associate at the Unit, working on grammatical and calendrical fragments. Her most recent project for the Unit was British Academy Small research grant project “Calendar Fragments as a Tool for Palaeography”, exploring the possibility of using datable calendar fragments from the Cairo Genizah as points of comparison for handwriting analysis.

Dr. Vidro holds a PhD in Hebrew Studies from Cambridge (2009), an MA in Jewish Studies (major), Islamic Studies (minor) and General Linguistics (minor) from the University of Cologne (2004) and a Diploma in Bio-physics from the Saratov State University, Russia (2000). In her PhD thesis, under the supervision of Prof Geoffrey Khan, Dr Vidro examined approaches to the verbal classification and derivation reflected in medieval Karaite works on Biblical Hebrew verbal morphology and studied didactic tools used in Karaite pedagogical grammars.