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During Lockdown 3, our libraries continue to support you as you study, teach and research. Access the libraries online and seek support via our remote services or, if the material you need isn’t available electronically, use our Zero-contact services

Cambridge University Library


With your help the Friends can continue to support the Library and its extraordinary collection of over 8 million items, including an array of Special Collections and over 2 million items accessible on open shelves. In the last 5 years the Friends have contributed £150,000 to the Library through regular and one-off donations. These donations support the Library in making new acquisitions and conserving current collections, as well as helping to make the Library's collections acccessible for free through a specialist Exhibition Centre and available online from anywhere in the world through the Cambridge Digital Library


The Friends Rotherham Circle

We are extremely grateful to all our life and annual members who give above and beyond the standard membership subscription. The Friends Rotherham Circle was set up in 2017 to recognise individuals who give £100 a year or more, or organisations that give above £200 a year. We would like to thank our current members of the Rotherham Circle: Reverend J. O. Drackley, Mr M. Frayn, Dr J. W. Hodgson, Mrs E. A. Keith, Dr K. Kharrazi, Mr F. MacAdam, Mr S. Mandelbrote, Mr G. Pratten, Dr A. Sutton, Dr J. Wilkes and all those who give anonymously. 

The Library is also very thankful to our organisation members of the Rotherham Circle: Baylor University Department of English, Cambridge University Press Syndicate, St John's College Cambridge and Trinity College Cambridge.

Library Annual Report

Find out about some of the successful activities of the Friends in the 2019-20 Library Annual Report.