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Cambridge University Library

Text overlays an image of equations etched onto glass doors in the Moore Library. The Text reads: Library Study Skills Catalogue: enrol and explore trainig to support your studies and build essential skills for your future

For the first time, the Library Study Skills Catalogue brings together the many ways in which University, College, Department, and Faculty Librarians provide support for students, researchers and teaching staff across all the disciplines. 

We want to make the experience of learning in Cambridge the best it can be, and can guide and advise you when you need us.


Simply enrol on the Catalogue (hosted in Moodle) using your Raven password, and browse this one-stop shop to find relevant study support and materials to aid your learning and practice.

Explore a growing collection of resources and workshops available to current University members, whether you are a Foundation Year student or working for your PhD. From library orientation to referencing help, navigating scholarly articles to getting started with peer review, the training we provide helps you to build your confidence as well as essential skills to help navigate the requirements of your course. 

If you are teaching at the University, this is a great resource to explore and recommend courses to your students to use.

Follow links in the catalogue to book or to find further information.


Enrol and explore the Library Study Skills Catalogue