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The Great WurstelAustrian dramatist Arthur Schnitzler’s human puppets will come to life in the first ever theatre performance in the Cambridge University Library. The burlesque comedy The Great Wurstel is among Schnitzler’s most radical dramatic experiments, exploring what animates the ‘puppetlike’ in us.

‘I love escapades, the wildness and thrill, / Now do with me whatever you will!’

Arthur Schnitzler’s scandalous comedy The Great Wurstel explores the dynamic between humans and puppets, surrender and manipulation, which remains highly topical in a world increasingly ruled by machines. Performed by humans and para-human figures, the seductive charms of Schnitzler’s theatrical parody extend to the members of the audience, who will have to decide if they are indeed human or a puppet.

Schnitzler’s physical theatre will be presented in close proximity to his manuscripts, held at Cambridge University Library, as the Rare Books Reading Room is transformed into the rumbustious Viennese Prater amusement park.

The performance is part of the launch event for the digital edition of Schnitzler’s middle- and late-period works, hosted by the University Library. The production is a collaboration between the Library, a student theatre ensemble and the Schnitzler Digital Edition Project and it will be based on a new English translation of the play.

Free event, all welcome. CLICK HERE TO BOOK 

Please note that your ticket does not include entry to the launch event of Schnitzler Digital Editionwhich is a seperate event taking place immediately before this performance. If you would like to attend the launch event, you need to book a seperate ticket - click here for more information.