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Pop-up scientists

As Dr Glenn Masson explains, obtaining sufficient nutrition is the key challenge to all life on earth, and the ubiquity of this challenge belies its complexity - how does a yeast cell 'know' it is hungry? Can a yeast cell detect if its diet is poor, and doesn’t contain certain vitamins? Likewise, how do animals and humans know they aren't getting enough food, or indeed the right sort of food?

At this pop-up session, Glenn will be available to discuss his current research on highly conserved molecular pathways that are shared from yeast to man, how they tell you that you are hungry, how they can influence behaviour, and the surprising roles these pathways can have in diverse range of diseases such as inflammation and cancer.

This free, drop-in session will take place in the University Library's Entrance Hall.

You are also welcome to join our introductory guided tours to our current exhibition, Discovery: 200 years of the Cambridge Philosophical Society, which take place every Friday (excluding Good Friday) from 11am. All welcome, no need to book.

Event speaker: 
Dr Glenn Masson
Entrance Hall, Cambridge University Library
Friday, 21 June, 2019