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The Reader for the 2017-18 series of Sandars Lectures is Dr Peter Wothers, Director of Studies in Chemistry at the University of Cambridge. The title of his Lectures is: Chemical Attractions.

This second lecture looks at some of the key chemical texts from the 18th century, when modern chemistry really began. We look at how an understanding of the air and the different gases it contains prompted a revolution in chemistry with the introduction of a new nomenclature which is still used today. We look at some of the key texts by authors such as Cavendish, Priestley, Scheele and Lavoisier and how the modern theory and language developed. We will also see how a chance acquisition of an additional item thrown in with a main lot in an auction led to the identification and purchase of an important piece of scientific apparatus.The lecture will include a couple of explosive chemical demonstrations!

Seating availability will operate on a first-come, first-served basis.

This lecture will be followed by a drinks reception at St Catharine's College, 18.00-19.00. All are welcome to attend.