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Items on display:

C.F. Andrews: The opium evil in India : Britain’s responsibility
London : Student Christian Movement, 1926
(For: Map showing extent of opium consumption in India and text on the subject of the “opium evil”)
RCS.C.22m95 (Request in Rare Books Reading Room)

E. Lewis: Black opium : an account of a “morally indefensible” trade in “this horrible drug”
London : Marshall Brothers, [1910]
(For:  Poem and list of associations for the suppression of opium traffic)
RCS.A.11m95 (Request in Rare Books Reading Room)

J.M. Scott: The white poppy : the history of opium
London : Heinemann, 1969
(For:  Images of processing of opium)
RCS.C.11t584 (Request in Rare Books Reading Room)

[Chinese customs’ : reports on opium, 1864-1909]
(For:  Statistical table)
RCS.L.377.Z1 (Request in Commonwealth Room)

Hong Kong blue book for the year 1876
Hong Kong : Govt. Printers, 1877
(For:  Extract playing down the harmful effects of smoking opium)
RCS.L.BB.38.1876 (Request in Commonwealth Room)

The problem of narcotic drugs in Hong Kong : a white paper laid before Legislative Council, 11th November, 1959
Hong Kong : Govt. Printer, 1959
(For:  Images of where opium was hidden, excluding the surgical instruments and the implements used for opium consumption)
RCS.L.38.Z3 (Request in Commonwealth Room)

[Sifting and picking over a special sample of tea] – image
Photograph collection of John Abercromby Alexander, c1920, Ceylon
RCS/Y303E/16 (Request in Manuscripts Reading Room)


Together with extracts from:

Justus Doolittle: Social life of the Chinese : daily life in China
London : Kegan Paul, 2002
(For:  Quotation about opium selling being on the same legal platform as the Gospel and extract on medical results of being denied opium)
C202.c.500 (Request in Reading Room)

William Lockhart: The medical missionary in China : a narrative of twenty years’ experience
London : Hurst and Blackett, 1861
(For: Extract on the involvement of the British government in the opium trade and extract on the monopoly of the East India Company)
Jj.4.3 (Request in Rare Books Reading Room)

S. Wells Williams: The middle kingdom : a survey of the geography, government, literature, social life, arts and history of the Chinese Empire and its inhabitants
London : W. H. Allen, 1883
(For:  Extract on forced cultivation of opium)
625:22.c.85.12 (North Front, Floor 6)

A Wright (ed.): Twentieth century impressions of British Malaya : its history, people, commerce, industries and resources
London : Lloyd’s Greater Britain Pub. Co., 1908
(For: Image of Pinang Opium and Liquor farm)
RCS.AF.31 (Request in Rare Books Reading Room)

Action Committee Against Narcotics: Hong Kong narcotics report 1975-1976
Hong Kong : Govt. Printer, [1976]
(For:  Image of surgical instruments)
RCS.L.38.N1.1975 (Request in Commonwealth Room)

Opium pamphlets
London : Dyer Brothers, [1877?]
(For:  Extract with headings showing the injurious effects of opium)
RCS.A.11t584/2 (Request in Rare Books Reading Room)


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