Past Research

Details of past research projects involving Cambridge University Library

Past research projects

The Polonsky Foundation Greek Manuscripts Project

A project to conserve, catalogue and digitise medieval and early Modern Greek manuscripts in the University Libraries collections.

Darwin Correspondence project

A project to transcribe and provide digital access to over 15,000 letters written and received by Charles Darwin

Archive of Tomorrow

A collaborative web-archiving project to curate a target collection of 3,000 websites on 'Heath and Misinformation'.

Fragments of Medieval Manuscripts

A project to make Cambridge University Library's collection of fragments of medieval manuscripts visible and more accessible to researchers, through digitisation, re-housing and cataloguing the collection.

Walking with Constable

This project uses digital technologies to take Constable prints locked in a museum back into the landscape which made them, which represents them, and of which they are part.


Writing is a medium of communication that represents language through the inscription of signs and symbols.

Collection items featured:
Greek gospel book CUL MS Dd.9.69 (f. 139r)
Darwin CUL DAR 225: 1