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Andy Corrigan

Digital Library Co-ordinator

Directorate: Digital Initiatives

Department: Digital Library


ORCID: 0000-0002-3896-2489

Andy Corrigan has a background in archaeology and specialised in graphics, illustration, historic building surveys and the application of photography. Andy began working at Cambridge University Library on both the Darwin Correspondence Project and Cambridge Digital Library in 2011 and has developed his experience in public and academic engagement, complex image preparation, digital asset management, and the workflow of digital content to both digital and print publication.

In 2016, he took on his current role as the Cambridge Digital Library Co-ordinator, focusing on engagement with digital content, such as using the Library’s digital collections in teaching and research and its analysis. Andy has a particular interest in the matrix of technology, resources, research and pedagogy and filling the gaps between them.


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Associated research projects

Walking with Constable

This project uses digital technologies and a programme of public walks to take prints locked in a museum back into the landscape which made them, which represents them, and of which they are part.

Persistent identifiers as infrastructure in Cambridge

A project with Cambridge Digital Humanities, Cambridge University Press and Assessment, and University Information Services, funded by the University Collaboration Budget.

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Collection items featured:
John Constable, Stoke-by-Neyland, Suffolk (P.158-1955).