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Dr Mary Chester-Kadwell

Senior Software Developer

Directorate: Digital Initiatives

Department: Digital Innovation and Development


Mary has a PhD in the landscape archaeology and material culture of early medieval England using computational methods. She worked in science publishing, heritage and museums before becoming a software developer. She works on a wide range of Digital Humanities research projects and library software, encompassing full-stack software development, DevOps and data wrangling.

Mary is Lead Research Software Engineer for Cambridge Digital Humanities, leading on RSE strategy and infrastructure, advising researchers on the technical aspects of projects, and teaching coding and software engineering practices. She runs the "Digital Humanities Research Software Engineering Summer School" and is a coordinator of the UK-Ireland Digital Humanities Association community interest group "Research Software Engineering in the Arts and Humanities". She is also a keen hackathon practitioner and co-directs the annual "Hands:On Hackathon".


Professional memberships

  • Society of Research Software Engineering

Associated research projects

Curious Cures in Cambridge Libraries

A project to conserve, catalogue and digitise medieval medical recipes, funded by the Wellcome Trust.

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