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Dr. Samuel A. Moore

Scholarly Communication Specialist

Directorate: Academic Services

Department: Office of Scholarly Communication


Dr. Samuel A. Moore is the Scholarly Communication Specialist at Cambridge University Library and a researcher in information studies. His research explores the ethics and politics of academic knowledge production and research communication, specifically on topics relating to academic publishing, open research and community governance. He has a Ph.D in Digital Humanities from King’s College London and is also one of the organisers of the Radical Open Access Collective.


  • Adema, Janneke and Samuel Moore, (2021). ‘Scaling Small; Or How to Envision New Relationalities for Knowledge Production’ Westminster Papers in Communication and Culture 16:1
  • Moore, Samuel (2021). ‘Open access, Plan S and ‘radically liberatory’ forms of academic freedom’ Development and Change epub ahead of print [open access].
  • Moore, Samuel (2020) ‘Individuation through infrastructure: Get Full Text Research, data extraction and the academic publishing oligopoly’ Journal of Documentation [open access version:].
  • Moore, Samuel (2019). ‘Revisiting “the 1990s debutante”: scholar-led publishing and the pre-history of the open access movement’, The Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology [open access version:].
  • Moore, Samuel and Janneke Adema (2018). ‘Collectivity and Collaboration: Imagining New Forms of Communality to Create Resilience in Scholar-led Publishing’, Insights, vol 31, no. 1
  • ——– (2017). ‘A genealogy of open access: negotiations between openness and access to research’ Revue française des sciences de l’information et de la communication. DOI: 10.4000/rfsic.3220 [open access].
  • Moore, Samuel, Cameron Neylon, Martin Paul Eve, Daniel Paul O’Donnell, and Damian Pattinson (2017). ‘“Excellence R Us”: University Research and the Fetishisation of Excellence’. Palgrave Communications 3 (January): 16105. DOI: 10.1057/palcomms.2016.105.

Affiliated organisations:

  • Associate of Cambridge Digital Humanities
  • The Cambridge Department of the History and Philosophy of Science.

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