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2021-2022 Professor Cristina Dondi: Incunabula in Cambridge: European heritage and global dissemination (watch Part One, Part Two and Part Three online)

2020-2021 Dr Orietta Da Rold: Paper past and paper future (watch Part One, Part Two and Part Three online)

2019-2020 Isabelle de Conihout: French bookbindings and bibliophily, 16th-18th centuries (watch Part One and Part Two online)

2018-19 Dr William Noel: The medieval manuscript and its digital image (watch Part One, Part Two and Part Three online)

2017-2018 Dr Peter Wothers: Chemical attractions (watch Part One, Part Two and Part Three online)

2016-2017 Professor Toshiyuki Takamiya: A cabinet of English treasures: Reflections on fifty years of book collecting (watch Part One, Part Two and Part Three online)

2015-2016 Professor Anthony Grafton: Writing and reading history in Renaissance England: some Cambridge examples

2014-2015 Richard Beadle: Henry Bradshaw and the foundations of codicology.

2013-2014 Nigel Morgan: Samuel Sandars as collector of illuminated manuscripts.

2012-2013 Jim Secord: Visions of science: books and readers at the dawn of the Victorian age.

2011-2012 Michael Reeve: Printing the Latin Classics - some episodes.

2010-2011 James Carley: From private hoard to public repository: archbishops John Whitgift and Richard Bancroft as founders of Lambeth Palace Library.

2009-2010 Gordon Johnson: From printer to publisher: Cambridge University Press transformed, 1950 to 2010.

2008-2009 Michelle P. Brown: The book and the transformation of Britain, c. 550-1050.

2007-2008 Peter Kornicki: Having difficulty with Chinese? - the rise of the vernacular book in Japan, Korea and Vietnam.

2006-2007 Sarah Tyacke: Conversations with maps.

2005-2006 James H. Marrow: Word-diagram-picture: the shape of meaning in medieval books.

2004-2005 Paul Needham: Fifteenth-century printing: the work of the shops.

2003-2004 Christopher de Hamel: Sir Sydney Cockerell.

2002-2003 M. Foot: Description, image and reality: aspects of bookbinding history.

2001-2002 C. Fahy: Paper in the sixteenth-century Italian printing industry.

2000-2001 D. J. McKitterick: Printing versus publishing: Cambridge University Press and Greater Britain 1873-1914.

1999-2000 N. J. Barker: Type and type-founding in Britain 1485-1720.

1998-1999 P. Donlon: In Fairyland : Irish illustrators of children’s books.

1997-1998 G. G. Barber: Bibliography with rococo roses: The 1755 La Fontaine Fables choisies and the arts of the book in eighteenth-century France.

1996-1997 G. Thomas Tanselle: Analytical bibliography: an historical introduction.

1995-1996 A. Derolez: Textualis formata.

1995-1986 J. Harley-Mason: The Age of Aquatint: a chapter in the history of English book illustration.

1994-1995 D. J. Bruce: ‘The real Simon Pure’: The life and work of George Cruikshank.

1993-1994 Bamber Gascoigne: From priceless perfection to cheap charm: stages in the development of colour printing.

1992-1993 Will Carter: Gutenberg’s legacy.

1991-1992 G. G. Watson: Lord Acton and his library.

1990-1991 D. S. Brewer: The fabulous history of Venus: Studies in the history of mythography from the Middle Ages to the nineteenth century.

1989-1990 R. I. Page: Matthew Parker, Archbishop of Canterbury, and his books.

1988-1989 F. W. Ratcliffe: A pre-Lutheran German psalter: A case study of a fourteenth-century work.

1987-1988 D. M. Owen: The medieval canon law: teaching, literature and transmission.

1986-1987 Professor R. A. Leigh: Unsolved problems in the bibliography of J. J. Rousseau.

1984-1985 J. J. G. Alexander: Artists and the book in Padua, Venice and Rome in the second half of the fifteenth century.

1983-1984 P. C. G. Isaac: William Bulmer, 1757-1830: ‘fine’ printer.

1982-1983 Ruari McLean: Moxon to Morison: The growth of typography as a profession.

1981-1982 W. H. Bond: Thomas Hollis of Lincoln’s Inn: collector, designer and patron.

1980-1981 W. Kirsop: Books for colonial readers - the nineteenth century Australian experience.

1979-1980 J. G. Dreyfus: British book typography 1889-1939.

1978-1979 J. P. Gaskell: Trinity College Library: the first 150 years.

1977-1978 D. F. Foxon: The Stamp Act of 1712.

1976-1977 J. M. Wells: Two hundred years of American printing, 1776-1976.

1975-1976 D. F. Mackenzie: The London book trade in the later seventeenth century.

1974-1975 A. R. A. Hobson: Some book collectors, booksellers and binders in sixteenth century Italy.

1973-1974 J. S. G. Simmons: Russian printing from the beginnings to 1917: a view from the West.

1972-1973 M. A. Hoskin: Virtues and vices of scientific manuscripts.

1971 F. J. Stopp: Monsters and hieroglyphs: the broadsheet and emblem book in sixteenth century Germany.

1970 J. S. L. Gilmour: Some freethinkers and their writings.

1969 A. N. L. Munby: Gothick into art: connoisseurship and medieval miniatures, 1750-1850.

1968 B. Dickins: Corpus Christi College, the Parker Library.

1967 H. M. Nixon: English bookbinding in the Restoration period.

1966 S. Smith: The Darwin Collection in Cambridge University Library.

1965 J. C. T. Oates: Abraham Whelock (1593-1653): Orientalist, Anglo-Saxonist and University Librarian.

1964 W. T. Stearn: Bibliography in the service of biology.

1963 J. H. A. Sparrow: The inscription and the book.

1962 F. J. Norton: Printing in Spain 1500-1520.

1961 A. H. King: Some British collectors of music, 1600-1960.

1960 C. H. Roberts: The earliest manuscripts of the Church: style and significance.

1959 R. W. Hunt: Manuscripts of the Latin classics in England in the Middle Ages.

1958 H. Graham Pollard: English market for printed books.

1957 Fredson T. Bowers: Textual criticism and the literary critic.

1956 Wilmarth S. Lewis: Horace Walpole’s Library.

1955 N. R. Ker: Oxford libraries in the sixteenth century.

1954 S. C. Roberts: The evolution of Cambridge publishing.

1953 E. P. Goldschmidt: The first Cambridge press in its European setting.

1952 J. C. T. Oates: The history of the collection of incunabula in the University Library.

1951 H. S. Bennett: English books and readers 1475 to 1557; being a study in the history of the book trade from Caxton to the incorporation of the Stationers’ Company.

1950 H. Williams: The text of Gulliver’s Travels.

1949 J. B. Oldham: English blind-stamped bindings.

1948 F. Wormald: The Miniatures in the Gospels of St Augustine: Corpus Christi College MS. 286.

1947 J. W. Carter: Taste and technique in book collecting: a study of recent developments in Great Britain and the United States.

1940-1946 [Lectures suspended.]

1939 H. R. Creswick: Some recent work on early English printed books.

1938 C. J. Sisson: The judicious marriage of Mr Hooker and the birth of ‘the Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity’.

1937 M. Sadleir: Bibliographical aspects of the Victorian novel.

1936 C. A. Gordon: Manuscript missals; the English uses.

1935 Stephen Gaselee: Bibliography and the Classics.

1934 E. G. Millar: Some aspects of the comparative study of illuminated MSS.

1933 G. L. Keynes: John Evelyn: a study in bibliography.

1932 J. Dover Wilson: The Hamlet texts, 1604 and 1623.

1931 Stanley Morison: The English newspaper: some account of the physical development of the journals printed in London from 1622 down to the present day.

1930 J. V. Scholderer: The invention of printing: facts and theories.

1929 S. De Ricci: English collectors of books and MSS., 1550-1900, and their marks of ownership.

1928 R. B. McKerrow: The relationship of English printed books to authors’ manuscripts in the 16th and 17th centuries.

1927 G. D. Hobson: English leather bindings down to 1500.

1926 A. J. K. Esdaile: Elements of the bibliography of English literature, materials and methods.

1925 E. H. Minns: The influence of materials and instruments upon writing.

1924 Emery Walker: Printing for book production.

1923 M. R. James: The pictorial illustration of the Old Testament from the 14th Century to the 16th.

1922 W. C. Bolland: Readings on the Year Books.

1921 E. Wyndham Hulme: Statistical bibliography in relation to the growth of modern civilisation.

1916-1920 [Lectures suspended.]

1915 A. W. Pollard: The conditions of printing and publishing in Shakespeare’s day in their relation to his text.

1914 E. A. Loew: (1) Characteristics of the so-called National Scripts. (2) Punctuation and critical marks as aids in dating and placing MSS. (3) Graeco-Latin manuscripts. (4) The Codex Bezae and the Codex Laudianus.

1913 W. W. Greg: Some bibliographical and textual problems of the English Miracle-play Cycles.

1912 A. E. Cowley: The Papyri of Elephantine.

1911 E. Gordon Duff: English provincial printers, stationers and book-binders to 1557.

1910 W. M. Lindsay: Latin Abbreviations.

1909 F. Madan: The localisation and dating of MSS.

1907-1908 F. J. H. Jenkinson: Books printed at Cologne by U. Zell.

1906 F. W. Maitland: [Did not lecture.]

1905 Sir Edward Maunde Thompson: The history of illumination and ornamentation of MSS.

1904 H. Y. Thompson: Illustrated MSS. of the 11th century.

1903 E. Gordon Duff: The printers, stationers and book-binders of London, 1500-1535.

1902 M. R. James: Manuscripts in Cambridge.

1901 H. Y. Thompson: English and French illustrated MSS. of the 13th-15th centuries.

1900 F. G. Kenyon: The development of Greek writing, BC 300 - AD 900.

1899 J. W. Clark: The care of books (to the end of the 18th century).

1898 E. Gordon Duff: The printers, stationers and book-binders of Westminster and London in the 15th Century.

1897 W. H. Stevenson: Anglo-Saxon Chancery.

1896 C. H. Middleton-Wake: The invention of printing.

1895 Sir Edward Maunde Thompson: Greek, Latin and English handwriting.