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Cambridge University Library is now open for limited services from Monday-Friday. Book a visit to view non-borrowable material in the Main reading room or a Special Collections reading room. Please read more about our phased reopening of the UL and Faculty and Departmental Libraries.

Cambridge University Library


We are grateful to receive returned books from all library users, and especially those who are graduating soon. There are several options available to you whether you are in Cambridge or elsewhere. 

The University Library team will be happy to accept library books from all Cambridge libraries, and will distribute them to the home library as soon as it is safe and feasible to do so. Books you have returned may subsequently remain on your library account for some time after you have returned them. 


Return books to your college 

You may be able to return any library books to your college. Books will be transferred to and sorted at the University Library, and then distributed to their home library. 


Return books by post 

All library books can be returned by post to: 

Cambridge University Library 

West Road 


CB3 9DR 

Books will then be transferred to their home library. Please note that books may not be removed from your library account for some time. 


Return books to drop boxes 

There are drop boxes on the Sidgwick site and the Medical Library which are open all the time, and a drop box at the University Library open Monday to Friday between 10.15 and 15.45. Books are collected daily by a University Library team and stored at the University Library until they can be transferred to their home library. 


Return books to the University Library in person 

It is possible to return books to the University Library between 10.15am and 3.45pm, Monday to Friday. You may return books from any Cambridge library, and they will be transferred to their home library when it is feasible to do so.