Become a Data Champion

for the University of Cambridge

Illustration by Clare Trowell

Illustration by Clare Trowell

Are you passionate about good data practices? Are you looking to boost your career with peer engagement and transferable skills? Become a Data Champion for the University of Cambridge.

As a Data Champion, you will be a local advocate for good research data management, supporting researchers in areas such as data organisation, storage and sharing.

We are looking for people who work in the arts, humanities, social sciences, and sciences, who would like to volunteer to become a Data Champion within their Department, Faculty, Institute, Centre or College.

Who can become a Data Champion?

Any member of the University of Cambridge who is interested in research data management and data sharing.

You do not need to be an expert in research data management already to become a Data Champion – there will be numerous opportunities to expand your knowledge in this area.

Researchers, postgraduate students, librarians, IT staff, data managers, or other members of research support staff who are keenly interested in research data management are invited to apply.

We welcome applications from people working in all subject areas in all disciplines. All types of digital and non-digital information produced and used during the course of research require some degree of data management (e.g. textual, audio, visual, numeric, code, etc.) – we are looking for a range of Data Champions who work with diverse sources of information.

How to become a Data Champion

Complete this online form by 29 February 2024 to apply.

The Research Data team in the Office of Scholarly Communication at Cambridge University Libraries will be in contact shortly after the closing date. If you have any questions you can email