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Founded by John Addenbrooke, M.D. of St Catharine’s (d. 1719) and opened in 1766, the hospital was largely financed by voluntary contributions, both corporate and individual, from the University, at least until the substantial bequest of John Bowtell (d. 1813). From 1948 the hospital was absorbed into the National Health Service. Originally in Trumpington Street, in part of the building now occupied by the Judge Business School, the hospital started its move to its present site in Hills Road in the 1960s. Addenbrooke’s is now also the home of the School of Clinical Medicine. For further information see Arthur Rook, Margaret Carlton and W. Graham Cannon, The history of Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge (Cambridge University Press, 1991) and Sir John Butterfield, ‘The School of Clinical Medicine’, Cambridge, 1 (1977) pp. 16-21.