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The statutes of 1926 made provision for probationary Faculty Lecturers for periods not exceeding five years. The title was changed to Faculty Assistant Lecturer by an amendment of statute made by grace of 10 March 1934, approved by the King in Council on 23 July 1934. Under Emergency Statute V, made by grace of 25 May 1940, the General Board was empowered to re-appoint Faculty Assistant Lecturers notwithstanding the 5-year limit on tenure. On the creation in 1949 of the office of University Assistant Lecturer, several Faculty Assistant Lecturers were appointed to the new office.

For a fuller account of the status, and privileges of Probationary Faculty Lecturers and Faculty Assistant Lecturers, see Historical Register, Supplement V for 1951–55, pp. 28–9. Under amendments to the statutes made by grace of 16 March 1948 and approved by the King in Council in 1949, provision was made for the establishment of University Assistant Lectureships, to take the place of the former unofficial Faculty Assistant Lectureships. The terms of their appointment and tenure were the same as for Demonstrators. For a list of Assistant Lecturers go to http://