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Cambridge University Library


Permanent officials appointed to assist in the conduct of the university’s business as emissaries and guardians of ceremonial. The Esquire Bedells, long since reduced in number from three to two, retain their ceremonial functions. The Yeoman Bedell, or Dog Bedell, whose more modest errands included the serving of warrants on those summoned to the University Courts, has been partly replaced by the University Marshal. See also maces.

For further details see H. P. Stokes, The Esquire Bedells of the University of Cambridge , (Cambridge Antiquarian Society, Octavo Series, 1911), Philip Sinker, ‘The Esquire Bedells’, Cambridge 8 (1981) pp. 60-66, and “Useful and Picturesque Officers”: Catalogue of an exhibition of University Archives relating to the Esquire Bedells , Cambridge University Library, 1981. For a list of Esquire Bedells go to http://