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Payments made to the master and fellows of Colleges from funds earmarked or otherwise found to be available at the annual audit of the College’s accounts. From 1926 the dividend became a multiple of a sum, or modulus, theoretically fixed annually, but effectively always set at £50. For a detailed account of dividends at St John’s College in the twentieth century, see J. S. Boys Smith, Memories of St John’s College, Cambridge, 1919-1969 (St John’s College, 1983) 50-53 and 94 following, and for earlier periods, H. F. Howard, An account of the finances of the College of St John the Evangelist in the University of Cambridge, 1511-1926 (CUP, 1935) s.v. Index ‘Dividend’ and S. Bendall, C. Brooke and P. Collinson, A history of Emmanuel College, Cambridge (Woodbridge, 1999) s.v. Index ‘colleges’. Dividends were abolished in 1967.