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During Lockdown 3, our libraries continue to support you as you study, teach and research. Access the libraries online and seek support via our remote services or, if the material you need isn’t available electronically, use our Zero-contact services

Cambridge University Library


Discover Cambridge University Libraries online and in person  

It is more important than ever that you have a variety of ways to access our libraries. The blend of online, zero-contact and limited in-person services provided by your Faculty and Department Libraries is designed to help you access what you need to study, learn and teach, whatever the changing circumstances created by the pandemic.

We want to keep you and our staff safe throughout Lockdown 3, and to ensure that we can keep services running effectively. Along with the University, its faculties and its departments, we continue to appraise guidelines to determine the full position for our libraries. We're keeping the services and the support we offer under constant review. 

The table below contains planned services at Faculty and Department libraries: these services are likely to change at short notice. If you intend to use services provided by Faculty and Department Libraries services, it is really important that you check the website of the library you want to use for the most current information. 

We ask for your understanding and patience as we adapt our plans.    

Our libraries are all open online

We have vastly increased the availability of online resources - University members have access to a staggering 1.2 million e-books, 130,000 e-journal titles and 400 databases. In addition, the Cambridge Digital Library has more than 500,000 images of more than 35,000 objects from our world-class collections freely available to everyone.

Explore these resources and the support available to staff and students of the University in our Guide to Online Library Services

Your core library services are online so you can access them remotely: the table below links you to library services specific to your subject area. 

  • Our LibGuides provide a wealth of information on resources by discipline and topic.
  • Subject-specialist staff can answer your information skills questions through live chats, email and video-chat
  • Training in library study skills for your subject is also available online, along with research skills support. 

To help keep you, other library users and libraries staff safe, please use these online services as a first resort wherever it is possible. 

Zero-contact and in-person services

Where is is safe and possible to do so, your Faculty and Departmental Libraries offer zero-contact and (in very limited and controlled circumstances) in-person services so that you can access the physical collections. If you can't access the library premises in person, don't worry - library staff are continuing to run alternative services to ensure that their disciplines are fully supported. Where possible, the libraries listed below are participating in the Scan & Deliver service.  

We have summarised the services available - we know you will understand that we may have to make changes to our services at short notice, and recommend that you familiarise yourself with the websites of the libraries you use most often to stay up-to-date. You may also want to follow @CamLibsUpdates and @theUL on Twitter.

Your College library will also support your studying and learning this year: discover how to access their services on your College website. 

Your library services

For detailed information about the services available today, please follow links in the table below to the website of the library you want to use.

Services, booking procedures, opening hours and contact details differ between libraries. If you have any questions about these services, you can contact staff in a particular library by email or, in some cases, by live chat. 


Explore this library online

Zero-contact and in-person library services (please visit the website of the library you want to use to confirm which services are available today)

African Studies

African Studies Library LibGuide

Architecture & History of Art

Architecture & History of Art Library LibGuide

Email your library staff 

Asian & Middle Eastern Studies

Asian & Middle Eastern Studies Library website

Open to staff and student members of the Faculty 10:00-17:00 Monday-Friday. 


Astronomy Library News

The Library Office is open 12.30-16.30 on Thursday for enquiries and assistance. Readers not studying at the Institute of Astronomy should enquire on before visiting. The Library Office is open on Thursdays.


Email your librarian

Biochemistry LibGuide

Chemical Engineering & Biotechnology

Email your library team  

This collection can be accessed through Moore Library services


Welcome to 2020-2021

Chemistry Library Remote Service Guide

Chemistry Library LibGuide

Michaelmas term: Open for undergraduate supervisions 15:00-20:00 Monday-Friday and all day on Saturdays. Undergraduates can Browse & Borrow when in the library for supervisions. Open for other members of the Department 08:00-23:00 Monday-Saturday, excluding times when supervisions are taking place.


Classics LibGuide

Email a Librarian

Open to registered readers. 

  • Book Returns (via the self-service machine in the Library during opening hours)
  • Book returns (via Sidgwick Book return) 

Computer Science & Technology


Email your library team  

Computer Science LibGuide

This collection can be accessed through Moore Library services

Criminology (Radzinowicz Library)

Criminology (Radzinowicz) Library website


Theology and Religious Studies LibGuide

Email a librarian

Open to those with a booking 10:00-12:30, 13:30-16:00 Monday-Friday. 


Education Faculty Library Moodle site (accessible to members of the Faculty, including LibGuides covering literature searching, research methods and referencing) 

Email the Library Team 

  • Online inductions and research skills sessions (arranged through the Faculty)

The following services are accessible to members of the Faculty via the Library Moodle site:

  • Essential Texts Click & Collect - 09.00-17.00, Monday to Friday
  • Click & Connect - book a virtual 1:1 appointment with an Education Librarian
  • Book returns (to the Education Faculty Library Book Box)
  • Online Education Library – An ebook library curated by subject and reflecting the needs of Faculty teaching programmes

    Open 24/7
  • LibChat (live chat with librarians) for PGCE trainees - embedded on Course Moodle sites, Monday-Friday 


Engineering Library LibGuide

Email a librarian

Librarian Live Chat

Information skills training

In-person online training sessions

There are limited bookings available for staff and students of the department for our zero contact services:


English Library LibGuide

Open to those with a booking 10:00-16:00. 


Genetics LibGuide

Email your librarian



Guide to accessing online services remotely

Geography LibGuide

Haddon Library (Archaeology & Anthropology)

Haddon Library (Archaeology and Anthropology) website

Open 10:00-16:00 Monday-Friday. 

Marshall Library (Economics)

Email the library team 09:00-17:00 Monday-Friday

Marshall Library (Economics) website

Materials Science & Metallurgy

Email the librarian

Materials Science & Metallurgy LibGuide

Department of Materials Science Library Moodle site (accessible with a Raven password)

  • Borrow and return Books may be borrowed from MSM Library by emailing the Librarian . Books lent to you can be picked up from and returned to MSM Department Reception.  

Medical Library

Medical Library website

Email the library team

Open to registered readers 08:00-19:45 Monday-Friday, 09:00-16:45 Saturday. Library reception desk staffed 10:00-13:00 Monday-Friday. 

Modern & Medieval Languages and Linguistics (MMLL) 

Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics (MMLL) Library website 

MMLL LibGuides and other resources

MMLL Library skills for effective study

Open to those with a booking. 

  • Click & Collect Collection 15:00-15:30 Monday-Friday.  Requested items will be available to collect from the entrance to the Raised Faculty Building opposite Lady Mitchell Hall. 

Moore Library

Online Learning Hub

Physical Sciences Research Support Resources


  • Book returns (available throughout the lockdown period. Readers returning books should expect a slight delay in returns being cleared from your accounts as staff will only be emptying the drop box twice a week. We will continue to waive all fines for any late returns)
  • Click & Collect 11:00-13:00 Tuesdays and Thursdays 
  • Scan & Deliver. This service is provided through the main UL. See here for further details. Requests will be processed on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

MRC Cognition & Brain Sciences Unit

Contact your librarian, Kevin Symonds

MRC Cognition & Brain Sciences Unit website


Pendlebury Library of Music

Music LibGuide

Philosophy (Casimir Lewy) Library

Philosophy (Casimir Lewy) LibGuide

Email the library team

Online and remote services are currently open.

The following services are available during term to those with an appointment: 

  • Book Returns
  • Access E-Legal Deposit short appointments 10:00-13:00 Monday-Friday 
  • Click & Collect Collection 15:00-16:00 Monday-Friday.  Requested items will be available to collect from the ground floor store at the entrance to the Raised Faculty Building. 

Physiology, Development and Neurosciences (PDN) Library

PDN LibGuide   

Email your librarian  

Plant Sciences

Plant Sciences LibGuide

Email your librarian


Psychology LibGuide

Email the library team

Rayleigh Library (Physics)

Email your librarian

Physics LibGuide

Whilst zero-contact services are suspended at this site, you may find services at the Moore Library useful. 

Scott Polar Research Institute Library

Remote access resources at the Polar Library

Open to members of the Institute with a booking. 

Seeley Library (History, POLIS, Latin American Studies, Sociology and Land Economy)

Electronic resources for History

Email the library team

Open to members of the University with a booking 10:00-18:00 Monday-Friday, 11:00-16:30 Saturday.

South Asian Studies

Electronic resources at the South Asian Studies Library

Archive film collection (freely accessible to view)

Oral History Collection (digitised audio recordings and transcripts)

Email your librarian

Email your archivist

SPS Library

Sociology and Land Economy collections can be accessed through Seeley Library services.


Squire Law Library

Squire Law Library website including live chat facility 09:00-17:00 Monday-Friday

Email the library team


Open to those with a booking 09:00-17:50 Monday-Friday, 09:00-11:50 Saturday

University Library

Online inductions: book a call with Reader Services staff (for current staff and students)

Guide to Online Library Services 

Our online helpdesks are available until 23 December and again from 4 January. Some departments will have reduced capacity after 21 December, but will do their best to respond to urgent to urgent enquiries.

Follow the link for the service you want to use to find more detailed information, or find a full schedule here.

Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary Medicine LibGuide

Email the librarian

Open to students and staff in the Department.

Whipple Library

Whipple Library website

Open to readers with a registered University card or University Library card, 09:30-16:50, Monday-Friday. 


Zoology LibGuide

Email the library team

You can read more about how we intend to manage our services across Cambridge University Libraries in line with changing levels of UK Government restrictions in response to Covid-19 in a message from the University Librarian and Director of Library Services, Jessica Gardner