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Wireless network points in the University Library support eduroam, the international initiative which allows members of educational establishments to gain internet access at other member sites easily, using credentials from their home site in a secure manner.

Within UK higher education the service is also known as 'JANET Roaming'.

Benefits for the user:

  • Network access at all participating organisations - worldwide
  • No need to get a guest account set up at every organisation visited
  • Same username and password regardless of location
  • Free at point of use

If you are a visitor from a university, college or other institution supporting eduroam and have configured your laptop as instructed by your local computing or information service then it should automatically connect to our wireless network as soon as you open a browser. The advantages of eduroam are that you do not need to obtain a UniOfCam wireless ticket from this library and access is available so long as you are affiliated with your home institution.

If you have not yet configured your laptop to make use of eduroam then you will need to obtain instructions from your home institution.

Information for University of Cambridge users, including configuration instructions, is available from University Information Services at

Access to some electronic titles is only available on University Library wireless points through eduroam and not UniOfCam WiFi for network security reasons.