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Cambridge University Library

Thursday, 30 September, 2021

Edited 12 July 2022

We know the UL Tea Room is an important place to meet friends and take a break from your work.

We’re really sorry that we aren’t able to provide catering on site at the moment. The pandemic has put great pressure on the hospitality sector, and the UL is currently without a catering contractor. We are currently inviting catering suppliers to submit a tender to provide some catering provision as soon as possible, and are also working hard towards resuming a full offering.

In the meantime, you are welcome to bring your own food and drinks to the Tea Room, to use the vending machine to get cold drinks and snacks, and to continue to use the space to socialise or work.

You are welcome to have lidded drinks at desks around the library, and bottled water only in the Main Reading Room. Food can be consumed only in the Tea Room and in the Library Courtyards; please make sure that food and drinks are covered to prevent spillages if you are carrying them through the library to these areas. No food or drinks (including bottled water) can be taken into the Special Collections Reading Room.  

Where to buy food nearby

VG Coffee is available outside the UL for drinks and cakes Monday-Friday. 

Cambridge FoodPark is at the University Library 12pm to 2pm on Fridays. Check the FoodPark website to find out which truck is visiting, place your order and pay.

You can buy refreshments at the University Cafés, and the Cafés at Newnham, Robinson and Selwyn Colleges are again open to those outside the Colleges. Please be aware that services at these venues may alter as staff availability changes.

If you fancy a lunchtime walk, the city centre is no more than 15 minutes away on foot.  


Thank you for your patience - we will update you as the situation changes.