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Desktop Services Accounts

The Library provides IT facilities to enable readers to consult our electronic resources, catalogues, and image collections, to make use of word-processing and spreadsheet software, and for general internet and email access.

All students and many members of staff are given Desktop Services accounts automatically when they join the University and can collect their login name and initial password by following the link from the Information Services home page.

Student accounts are normally cancelled at the end of the student's course (more details of the cancellation schedule).


Users in the University Library who are not members of the University will have accounts created for them when they register with the Library.  Please speak to a staff  at the Reader Services Desk in the Library if you wish to confirm details of your login or require a new password.

Choose or reset your password

Add credit to your account 


PCs are available in the following locations:

  • North Reading Room(4 CUL-MCS)
  • Commonwealth Room in the South Wing 3 Study Hub (9 CUL-MCS)
  • Manuscripts (1 CUL-MCS)
  • Aoi Reading Room (4 CUL-MCS)
  • Reading Room Corridors (4 CUL-MCS)
  • Royal Enclosure (2 CUL-MCS)
  • Rarebooks  (1 CUL-MCS)

Printing is available from all PCs. Printers (and print release stations) are located in the Commonwealth Room in the South Wing 3 Study Hub, outside Rare Books, in the Reading Room corridor and the landing at the end of the South Wing corridor.

Further information may be found here: