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Multifunctional Devices (MFDs) which can print, scan and photocopy can be found at the following locations: 

  • Outside Rare Books 
  • Reading Room corridor South 
  • South Wing corridor end
  • Commonwealth Room, South Wing 3 Study Hub

Printer credit

Your printing balace may be topped up here: If you have Raven (typically current University members), you will be able to top up away from the UL. If you do not have Raven, you will be able to top up when you are onsite at the UL.

Kiosks for recharging your print balance online and using password reset-tokens can be found at the following locations:

  • First Floor Balcony (next to catalogue computers)
  • Outside Rare Books
  • South Wing corridor end

The minimum recharge amount is £1.00 and the maximum is £30.00

Money can also be added to University/UL cards by staff at the Reader Services Desk in the Entrance Hall.

There are two types of top-up accounts at the University; "UL Balance" or "Common Balance". Credit on the UL Balance can only be used within the UL, Common Balance top ups can be used anywhere in the University. Topping up in person will add credit only to your UL Balance, not your Common Balance.


UL Balance – money that can be spent only in the UL. We are unable to give refunds. If something has gone wrong with your printing, contact the Reader Services Desk and we will investigate. 

Common Balance – money that can be spent for printing anywhere in the University. Members of the University making enquiries about refunds or money in the common balance should contact the UIS Helpdek.


  Price per page (excluding VAT)
A4 Black and White £0.08
A3 Black and White £0.16
A4 Colour £0.12
A3 Colour £0.20
Scanning No charge

University of Cambridge students will not need to pay VAT on copying. 20% VAT is automatically added for other users.

Prices for photocopying by a member of staff are available at /collections/departments/digital-content-unit/pricing


From the programme that you are working in, select the print options. This will queue your document/page(s) for printing.

Locate one of the printers in the Library. Log in to the printer using the console using your Desktop Service account. If you have a University Card, you can touch your card to the card reader attached to the printer. This should recognise you and autolog you in. You should then be able to select the print job in the queue and collect your printout.

Printing is available from all PCs. PCs are available in the following locations:

  • North Reading Room (4 PCs)
  • Royal Enclosure near Map Room (2 PCs)
  • Rare Books (1 PC)
  • Manuscripts (1 PC)
  • Aoi Reading Room (4 PCs)
  • Anderson Room (1 PC)
  • Commonwealth Room, South Wing 3 Study Hub (11 PCs)
  • Reading Room Corridor (2 PCs)