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Access to the UniOfCam wireless network for current University of Cambridge staff and students

Current staff and students may log into the UniOfCam wireless network either using their Raven ID and password or eduroam, if configured on their laptop.

Access to the UniOfCam wireless network for library readers other than current staff and students

Access to the UniOfCam wireless network is available on a time-limited basis for library readers who are not current staff or student members of the university. 

Visitors from other educational institutions which support the eduroam service may find it more convenient to configure their laptops to connect to the wireless network using eduroam, since it obviates the need to log on and does not expire so long as their association with their home institution continues.

All users of UniOfCam WiFi should note that while most electronic information resources are available when connected to the wireless network a proportion of resources are only available for eduroam users or from Library PCs.

Obtaining a UniOfCam WiFi ticket

  • New library users should request UniOfCam WiFi access on registering to use the library by applying to the main Reading Room (09.30-12.30 and 14.00-16.45 Monday to Saturday only). They will be issued with a ticket bearing a number and password which are valid until the displayed expiry date.
  • Existing library users should request access either at the main Reading Room (09.30-12.30 and 14.00-16.45 Monday to Saturday only) or by e-mailing, giving your name and 5-character barcode, which can be found on the front of your library card.

Renewal of tickets

UniOfCam WiFi tickets cannot be renewed but new tickets can be issued on request by application to the main Reading Room desk.


Please note that the Lapwing service was renamed UniOfCam in June 2014. It operates in exactly the same way as Lapwing, and existing Lapwing tickets will continue to be valid.