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The Assistive Technologies Room is located on the first floor at the south end of the corridor, just outside the main Reading Room.

It is furnished with:

- a bench at the recommended height for wheelchair users;

- three electrically operated, height-adjustable desks;

- daylight table lamps;

- a range of ergonomic chairs;

- a PC with a 19-inch monitor provides access to the Library catalogue, electronic resources, the Internet and Microsoft Office;

- Dolphin Supernova software, which offers screen-reading and magnification facilities;

- the Dragon Naturally Speaking voice-recognition package;

- scanners;

- an adjustable keyboard;

- a trackball mouse;

- headphones;

- a microphone;

- a CCTV scanner.

These facilities have been made possible by a generous donation from the Abbey Charitable Trust, for which the Library is most grateful.

Facilities in other areas:

A second CCTV scanner is available in the Rare Books Reading Room

A further height-adjustable desk is available in the Manuscripts Reading Room.

A portable induction loop is available from the Reader Services Desk in the Entrance Hall.

These pages are currently being revised. Please contact us if you require any further information.

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