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Cambridge University Library

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Cambridge University Library’s exhibition, Ghost Words: Reading the past, takes a closer look at some of the lost words scraped off parchment and hidden beneath newer text, in objects known as palimpsests. These ghost words, which remained undiscovered for centuries, are being uncovered using a modern digital technique known as spectral imaging.

With this activity, you can create and reveal your own hidden message using this DIY invisible ink! What will your secret message say? And who will get to read it?

Download the instructions here (redirected to Summer with the Museums website)

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Summer with the Museums is taking place Friday 23 July to Tuesday 31 August, and is brought to you by the University of Cambridge Museums & Botanic Gardens

Whether you are looking for a great day out or fun activities to do at home, Summer with the Museums has it all. This year, museums in Cambridge and beyond are offering a range of events, activities, trails and resources both in-person and online. So whatever the weather and wherever you are, you can still enjoy some museum-themed fun. 

Set out on a twilight bat patrol, learn how to identify fossils, find out about some amazing women scientists or discover what it was like to be a Civil War soldier. With over 28 museums and collections involved, there are loads of activities and events for you to choose from – many of which are low cost or free. 

View the Summer with the Museums programme here