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Bookings are now open for the Cambridge Science Festival 2015. To coincide with the UNESCO International Year of Light, this year's Festival runs from 9-22 March and offers light-themed talks, workshops and exhibitions across the city. Cambridge University Library will be offering a series of special events as part of the Festival:


12 March

Obliterated: mapping the Great War Using trench maps and drawings from the Library's collection

This seminar will explore the dramatic changes inflicted on the landscape of Northern Europe during World War One.

Click here for more information. No need to book.


14 March

Seeing further than others: Isaac Newton's world of light and colour

Join Professor Rob Iliffe, Director of the Isaac Newton Papers Project in the University of Sussex, as he talks about Newton's work on light and his great publication "Opticks".

Click here for more information. No need to book.


21 March

The final frontier of fiction: space exploration in popular literature

Explore this unique display of books and magazines from the Library's collections, highlighting the fact and fantasy of space travel throughout the 20th century and beyond.

Click here for more information. No need to book.


The full Science Festival programme can be found at