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The University Archives, housed at the University Library, is responsible for the selection and preservation of the internal administrative records of the University, dating from 1266 to the present, and for making them available for administrative and research purposes. The archives are as diverse in their contents as the activities – self-governance, teaching and research, property management, administration of justice, external relations - the University has pursued down the centuries. They include charters, statutes and title deeds, records of its legislative and executive bodies, central administration, Syndicates and committees, departments and faculties, law courts, staff and students.

Building the institution’s memory is a continuous process. We welcome transfers from all and every part of the University of records which are no longer required for administrative reasons but reflect richly on the University’s different activities. Guidance on the kinds of records suitable for long-term preservation is set out in the University's Master Records Retention Schedule and the University Archives Collection Policy. To investigate making a transfer, please first contact Jacqueline Cox (, Keeper of the University Archives. She will assess the material’s suitability for adding to the archives and estimate its scale. Once transferred to the University Library, it will be catalogued, conserved and made available to researchers under supervision in the Manuscripts Reading Room. As certain records may need to be restricted for a number of years under data protection legislation, any new accessions will be appraised and restricted accordingly.

For further information as to how to transfer records to the University Archives or if you have any additional UA related enquiries, please contact Jacqueline Cox (, Keeper of the University Archives.