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Radio: Introducing the Genizah on Radio Maria

Ben Outhwaite's interview on Radio Maria.
Ben Outhwaite's interview on Radio Maria.
Sarah Sykes
Fri 27 Oct 2023

In recent weeks Genizah researchers recorded two radio interviews about the collection and its Bible fragments for the Catholic radio station Radio Maria England. On 24 July 2023, Dr Ben Outhwaite gave an introductory talk on the Cairo Genizah covering its history and importance to our understanding of Jewish medieval life, and on 25 September, Dr Kim Phillips followed up with a talk about early Bible fragments in the Genizah collections, explaining how scribes maintained the accuracy of their holy texts and how that relates to the Bible you read today. 

Radio Maria England aims to support Catholics and others in their spiritual life and witness to those who wish to learn more about the Catholic Faith. It is part of the World Family of Radio Maria, formed in 1998 in response to the apparitions and messages of our Lady in Medjugorje and Fatima. Radio Maria currently has 77 radio stations across 5 continents with 500 million listeners world-wide. Radio Maria England is a non-profit organization run by a mixture of professionals and volunteers, lay people, clergy and religious. Their programme Just Life invites volunteer speakers to share their knowledge gained through work, leisure interests and study in all areas of life including family, relationships, the environment, law, medicine and psychology, history, literature, music, contemporary issues, social politics and the news.

Both Genizah talks were recorded and can be found on the 'Audio and video' section of the Genizah Research Unit's webpages (along with other audio/video content from previous years), and can be found on Spotify too (Ben's talk is here, and Kim's is here).


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