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Throwback Thursday: the Genizah Research Unit in 2010

Genizah Research Unit 2010
As we were in 2010.
Melonie Schmierer-Lee
Thu 24 Jun 2021

Our Throwback Thursday this week is a photo of the Genizah Unit's staff as it once was in 2010 (with the exception of me - I must have been away that day). The team, from left to right: Blazej Mikula (photography), Mark Scudder (photography), Amir Ashur, Nancy Buck (photography), Ben Outhwaite, Sarah Sykes, Esther-Miriam Wagner, Lucy Cheng (conservation), Julia Krivoruchko, Gabriele Ferrario, Maciej Pawlikowski (photography), Samuel Blapp, Daniel Davies, and Ronny Vollandt. The team was particularly large at that point, as we had taken on additional researchers for an AHRC cataloguing project, and were digitising the collection thanks to the Friedberg Geniza Project. In the intervening years, the Genizah has been digitised, doctorates gained, marriages arranged, babies born, hairs greyed or lost, brows furrowed, and some have moved on to other things. Ben has also stopped wearing ties to work.


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