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Web: Ben Outhwaite on the Kyiv Letter and more in Kedem video series

Ben Outhwaite talks to Kedem
Melonie Schmierer-Lee
Tue 21 Mar 2023

The Kedem YouTube channel has recently published three video interviews with Ben Outhwaite, dealing with some recent discoveries and perennial fascinations of the Genizah. So, if you are interested in hearing what he thinks about the Kyiv Letter’s origins (spoiler: he thinks Norman Golb was spot on) or the new Maimonides discovery by Prof. Delgado (where Maimonides shows his knowledge of languages), please give them a try. Ben would like to make it known, however, that he doesn’t normally dress for the office as if he’s going hiking. The week of the interviews, he was without any heat at home (‘having a heatpump fitted in order to save the planet’), which also coincided with one of the coldest weeks of the year; consequently he dressed for warmth and had forgotten he was due to be filmed for posterity. Sartorial missteps aside, the videos are extremely professionally produced by the Kedem team, and there’s a range of other fascinating material on their site, and on the sister Hebrew-language channel.

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