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Cambridge University Library and the Faculty and Departmental Libraries are now closed to the public. Please check our FAQs for information on how to access Library services during this time.

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Coronavirus FAQs

Cambridge University Library and all our Departmental and Faculty Libraries are closed until further notice - but we are open to users online We will update users about future developments via these pages, library websites, and social media accounts. Q. Are the Libraries' electronic resources still available for registered...

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Women at Cambridge: Women’s struggle for education

The impact of women at Cambridge is incalculable. In 1869, Girton College became the first women’s college at Cambridge, and the first in Britain, to offer residential higher education for women. But Cambridge University did not grant degrees to women until the late 1940s, the last British University to do so. In this...

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One Million and Counting

Ely's 'Cathedral of books' hits landmark figure.

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Outstanding International Importance

Cambridge University Library's Special Collections recognised with Arts Council England Designation.

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Disaster at 37,000 feet

University Library archive reveals the facts behind the Hollywood myths of 'The Aeronauts'.

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The forgotten poet of Fordham

Unique handwritten verses from a nineteenth-century Cambridgeshire poet – who died destitute and in relative obscurity despite royal patronage – have been saved for future generations by Cambridge University Library.

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Cambridge Life: The Fetcher who became keeper to millions of books

Robin James has worked at Cambridge University Library for 26 years. Today, he leads the team responsible for the Library’s ‘Cathedral of Books’ – a vast Amazon-style warehouse on the outskirts of Ely; the opening of which marks the latest chapter in the UL’s 600-year history.

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Annotating History: thoughts of an Elizabethan scholar revealed in newly acquired book

Centuries-old annotations by Gabriel Harvey added to University Library collections

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Read more at: Portrait exhibition marks record high for Cambridge college female leaders

Portrait exhibition marks record high for Cambridge college female leaders

The battle for gender equality at Cambridge will be celebrated with a portrait exhibition featuring new Jesus College Master Sonita Alleyne, whose appointment marks a record high in female senior leaders across the collegiate University. From this month, 15 Cambridge Colleges will be run by women, which will be marked from...

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Read more at: Libraries Week 2019 – highlighting Electronic Legal Deposit

Libraries Week 2019 – highlighting Electronic Legal Deposit

As part of Libraries Week (October 7-12), the six Legal Deposit Libraries in the UK and Ireland (Cambridge University Library, British Library, Bodleian Libraries, National Library of Scotland, National Library of Wales, and Trinity College, Dublin) are highlighting Electronic Legal Deposit - a growing collection of more...

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