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The Futurelib innovation programme researches the current and future role of academic libraries within the University of Cambridge. The programme seeks to improve awareness and usage of all library services by employing ethnographic and human-centred design techniques to undertake detailed exploration of current user experience (UX) of our libraries. 

New products and services regularly arise from Futurelib which help us to shape a user-focused ecosystem which better integrates digital and physical resources, services and environments. They also ensure that we have more meaningful interactions with our users and offer innovative digital solutions to service issues, two guiding principles of the programme. 

Futurelib typically undertakes a range of simultaneous projects and draws on the time and expertise of library staff from across the institution to test new service models and concepts. The programme is funded by the University Library.

Completed Futurelib projects:

[Accessible formats of Futurelib reports and documents are available on request: email]

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