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Darwin in conversation

29 April – 29 August 2023Raymond Briggs: A Retrospective

"[To be an illustrator] you have to be a mini actor. If the figure is to walk jauntily with its nose in the air, you have to imagine what that feels like. You have to be the person and observe the person, and do both these things at once." – Raymond Briggs

Touring from the Quentin Blake Centre for Illustration, this exhibition highlights a selection of the illustrator Raymond Briggs’ most significant works. It features never-before-seen original illustrations from his studio which reveal his expert draughtsmanship, captivating storytelling and subversive humour.

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Darwin in Conversation

Discover how Darwin’s global network of correspondents shaped his ideas around the evolution of life on planet Earth

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Samurai: History and Legend

Samurai: History and Legend

Samurai are a well-known image of Japan, but they are as much legend as history.

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Ghost Words: Reading the past

Ghost Words: Reading the Past

Medieval scribes used to recycle old books by scraping the parchment clean and writing a fresh text over the top.

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Samurai: History and Legend

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8 Dec
Friends Christmas Party

FRIENDS | 8 Dec 17:00 to 18:30. Doors open at 16:45.

Friends: Christmas Party

Our annual Christmas Party for Friends and Patrons, with a talk, display and drinks in the Catalogue Hall.

14 Dec
The Really Popular Book Club logo

BOOK CLUB | 14 Dec 7pm to 8pm

The Really Popular Book Club: Christmas with Raymond Briggs

We are joined by Nicolette Jones, co-curator of our forthcoming Raymond Briggs exhibition, to discuss three of Briggs's festive children's books.