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Chinese Works

Woodcut, Chinese book, history, law, diplomacy, rare, oracle bone, monograph, bank note, metadata

Cambridge University Library’s Chinese collections comprise about half a million individual titles, including monographs, reprinted materials such as manuscripts from Dunhuang, Huizhou, etc., archival documents and epigraphical rubbings, 200,000 Chinese e-books (donated by Premier Wan Jiabao in 2009), 5,000 Chinese e-serials and 3,500 Chinese microfilm reels. Over 400,000 titles are included in some 2,000 cong shu. About 3,000 Chinese printed serial titles are held in Cambridge libraries.
The items displayed here show the temporal range, diversity of media and variety of subject-matter contained within the Chinese collections, from the oracle bones (the oldest documents in the Library), to unique manuscripts and printed books, historical documents and epigraphical rubbings.

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Cambridge University Library

Key People
Charles Aylmer, Huw Jones

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