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One of the first crime novels to centre an African-American protagonist, Devil in a Blue Dress – a hardboiled mystery set in Los Angeles in 1948 and introducing legendary private eye Easy Rawlins - inspired a generation of crime writers of colour and became a film starring Denzel Washington. With novelist and Chair of the Crime Writers' Association Vaseem Khan.

To aide the conversation, we have prepared three 'thinking points' to consider when reading Devil in a Blue Dress:

1. Devil in a Blue Dress was one of the first crime novels to place a black man as the central protagonist. How has the genre’s acceptance/depiction of non-white protagonists moved on in the 34 years since the book came out?     

2. Devil in a Blue Dress is a hardboiled mystery in the American tradition that was competing with the Golden Age mystery genre in the UK which had ruled supreme since the 1930s. How does Mosley use hardboiled tropes and transplant them to his black protagonist?     

3. The book came out in 1948 when race relations in the US were still strained. The book describes mixed-race relationships – how does the author humanise and dehumanise such relationships?

Devil in a Blue Dress by Walter Mosley is available in paperback, hardback, audio and ebook formats, borrowable from public libraries or to purchase. To see what printed and digital copies are available from Cambridge University Libraries (borrowable by University staff and students), search iDiscover.

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