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Sonia Morcillo García is the member of Library staff who takes responsibility for the Spanish and Portuguese Collections. For administrative purposes she is based in the European Collections and Cataloguing Department on South Wing 1, although her responsibilities include book selection, ordering and reader service work as well as classification and cataloguing. Responsibility for the registration of material upon receipt resides with the Materials Processing and Periodicals Departments, though none of these has staff specifically devoted to foreign language material. The Rare Books Department is responsible for pre-1900 collections, working closely with the language specialists in European Collections and Cataloguing.

It can be difficult in a large institution such as the University Library for readers to establish contact with language specialists. Please do not hesitate to contact Sonia whenever you have comments or enquiries relating to the Spanish and Portuguese collections.

Sonia Morcillo García
Phone (external line): 01223 333092
Phone (internal network): 33092