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The Collection Development and Management division (formerly Collection Development and Description) is responsible for the selection, acquisition, description, and management of the University Library’s modern collections in English and European languages.  The division acquires material through legal deposit, purchase, and donation, providing readers with books and journals in print form but also vast amounts of electronic material.  The division contains the following departments and teams.

Legal Deposit

English Cataloguing
The English Cataloguing department catalogues & classifies books received by the Library under the Legal Deposit Act and books in English that are donated to and bought by the Library. As a legal deposit library we create catalogue records for the British National Bibliography. Staff also manage global authority control, data quality and import/export of data. The department maintains a blog:

There is a backlog of uncatalogued material: if you think we should have a book and cannot find it in the catalogue, please contact us and if it is waiting to be catalogued we will expedite any item for you:

Collections and Academic Liaison (CAL)

Materials Processing
Materials Processing deals primarily with bought monographs, printed and electronic, in European languages including those using non-roman alphabets, published anywhere in the world. The department is responsible for receiving, invoice processing and order tracking.


Electronic Collection Management (ECM)
ECM supports the acquisition, development, and discovery of online resources. ECM is responsible for:

  • Provision of networked and off campus access to e-journals and e-resources, which is a key service supporting teaching, learning, and research, used by all students, staff and researchers of the University
  • Acquisition and management of e-journal and e-resource content for the libraries of the University, including integration with discovery services hosted locally and by third parties
  • Support for the online user in all matters relating to discovery and access of e-journal and e-resource content, and development of new tools and services to improve the online user experience
  • Services to facilitate the development of electronic collections by the Journals Co-ordination Scheme (JCS), and enabling open access publishing in liaison with the Office of Scholarly Communications

ECM works closely with or provides services to the University Library and affiliated libraries of CUL, the University Library Digital Services Division, the ebooks@cambridge service (Collections & Academic Liaison, University Library), the University Information Services, the Raven Helpdesk, and the Office of Scholarly Communications.

Our mission is to provide excellence of service in maintenance of 24/7 access to content supporting the Cambridge University online user wherever they are in the world, ensuring a smooth and easeful continuation of service as key to enabling the efficiency of the work of Cambridge researchers and students.

We maintain the Databases A-Z LibGuide and we alert readers to the trial and purchase of new electronic resources on our blog.

Collections Logistics
The Collections Logistics Department is responsible for the co-ordination of removal, retention and de-duplication of print materials.

Library Storage Facility (LSF) Ingest and Migration Department
The LSF Ingest and Migration Department is responsible for the preparation, migration and ingest of Library material to the Ely Store.