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Classmark (Call Number)

FA: Far East in General including Chinese materials FB: China (Excluding the Wade Collection) FC: China (the Wade Collection) FG: The Far East in Geenral (rare and reserved items including Chinese materials) FH: China (rare and reserved items) FK: Other parts of the Far East (Rare and reserved items)

Online Catalogues

Online records for Chinese books held in Cambridge libraries may be found in the following three main locations; it may be necessary to search in more than one of these to establish the availability of a given item.

(1) Records for all Chinese books and serials (except the contents of most cong shu and the China Digital Library) are included in iDiscover. The same records are also searchable in Library Hub Discover  (the Union Catalogue of the Consortium of Research Libraries, previouly known as COPAC).

(2) Titles contained in most cong shu 丛书 are searchable (in Chinese script only) in the list of Cong shu in Cambridge Libraries.

(3) The contents of the China Digital Library can be searched by connecting to the Library online.

The UK Union Catalogue of Chinese Books, which can be searched in both Pinyin and vernacular script, includes over 83,000 titles held by Cambridge University Library, the Needham Research Institute (East Asian History of Science Library) and the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies (formerly Faculty of Oriental Studies) Library.

Readers may also consult the CUL Chinese Reference Catalogue which contains over 1.8 million full vernacular script records. Not all of the books in this catalogue are held in Cambridge libraries; to find Cambridge holdings and classmarks it is necessary to search in one of the catalogues listed above.

Card Catalogue

Records for Chinese books and serials received before the end of June 2000, including analytical entries for many cong shu, may also be found in the card catalogue.

Printed Catalogue

There is a two-volume printed catalogue of the Wade Collection [FB.18.56 and FB.18.57].


The Cambridge University Union List of Chinese Serials lists all Chinese periodicals held in Cambridge libraries. Bound volumes of serials stand on open access on the Ground Floor and Basement of the Aoi Pavilion.