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Arrangement of the Chinese Collection

The books are arranged according to their classmarks in the Cambridge University Library Classification System for Chinese Books (please see Chinese collections with locations below). The classmark includes FA (East Asia in general), FB (China), FC (Chinese and Manchu language books from Wade Special Collection), FE/FK (Manchu (Tungus) and Mongol language materials), CRA-CRZ (western language books from Wade Special Collection).Large volumes (over 29 cm.) are shelved in a separate sequence on Ground Floor cases 16-17 and 101-103. Due to space constraints, some volumes are shelved out of sequence; the new locations are indicated on cards inserted at the appropriate places on the shelves. Any question, please send enquiries to

Chinese Collections with locations

EARR = East Asian Reading Room


Classmark (Borrowable)

Classmark (Non-borrowable/Closed borrowable)



Aoi Ground Floor

FB (reference, not borrowable)

Stand in East Asian Reading Room

FH (not borrowable)

Enquire in East Asian Reading Room

FM (unbound volumes; closed borrowable)

East Asia General


Aoi Basement

FG (not borrowable)

Manchu (Tungus)


FK.301-358 (not borrowable)



FK.401-458 (not borrowable)

Rare Books (Chinese)    FB (withdrawn, not borrowable)

Rare Books (Wade Collection, Chinese)


FC (not borrowable)

Rare Books (Wade Collection, Manchu)


FC.99 (not borrowable)

Rare Books (Wade Collection, Western)


CRA-CRZ (not borrowable)

Borrowable Books

Books which stand on open access on the Ground Floor;(class FB) and the Basement (class FA) of the Aoi Pavilion may be borrowed by readers who have borrowing rights. FM books (closed stack, unbound books) are borrowable but you need to place a request. A staff member will fetch the books for you.

Non-Borrowable Books

Books in class FB which stand in the East Asian Reading Room (marked Not to Be Taken Out) are reference works and may not be removed from the Room without permission from a member of the Library staff.

Withdrawn books in classes FA and FB and all books in classes; CRA-CRZ and FC (the Wade Collection), FG and FH (Rare and Reserved Items), FE, FK and FM (Unbound Books) must be requested by completing an Order Form at the Enquiry Desk in the East Asian Reading Room. These books except FM books are not ordinarily borrowable and may only be used in the East Asian Reading Room.